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Deborah Suzanne
Multidisciplinary Artist-Curator, Time Based Research & Storyteller

Graduated master of fine art at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge with distinction 2021. I describe myself as a scavenger, storyteller and archivist who is fascinated by the number three, which I incorporate into my work, sometimes subtly, sometimes obviously. I use narratives to traverse the realms of rituals, myths, and religions, in an increasingly secular society, as well as supporting the idea of death-positivity.


My creative practice continues with film and photography work in a Fine Art context, exploring the mind, memory and human connections. Inspired by Vanitas Imagery and the concept of the Memento Mori along with Renaissance and Baroque art and an interest in how they can be used in the contemporary art of today, specifically transferred onto film. I also have a love of the way silent films tell a story visually and I am experimenting how to use this in a contemporary way.


My research is focused on practice-based methodologies as I question what it means to be 'human'. I have experimented with appropriated objects, photography, sculpture, ink drawings, assemblage and I have a love of rogue taxidermy.

I am a member of the British Art Networks Curators Group and I am Currently working with WearetheMinories in Colchester as their in-house curator delivering exciting and contemporary exhibitions, I am also training in project management and working with the Victor Batte-lay Foundation as a videographer and archiver.


All animal parts used in my sculptures and photography are by-products obtained from roadkill, accidental or natural deaths and all feathers are sourced in accordance with the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981.



Artist Award

'I AM'

Art Exchange


Top Photographer

London Alternative Market

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