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Deborah Suzanne
Arts Facilitator. Multidisciplinary Artist-Curator & Storyteller

Video and Time-Based

Since the lockdown, I have worked with other artists and institutions to create online galleries of their physical exhibitions, creating online presentations of work that enhance the exhibition experience.
I hope you enjoy examples of the showcases I created below of creatives that I have had
the pleasure and
privilege to work with.

I treat my work as an archive, recording and documenting my subjects with dignity and respect.
From sex, religion, disability, ageism, gender identity and the delicate subject of death.
I examine what it means to be 'human' using time-based art and practice-based methodologies.

Currently, I intend that my work reflects my love of the silent film era, Baroque aesthetics and Vanitas imagery, exploring how I can emulate these subjects in a contemporary way, leaving my own mark.

You can find my videos on my Vimeo Channel Here - @
And also on my YouTube Channel here - @deborahsuzanne667

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