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Deborah Suzanne
Arts Facilitator. Multidisciplinary Artist-Curator & Storyteller


DeborahSuzanne Lander describes herself as an Arts Facilitator, Multidisciplinary Artist-Curator and Storyteller. She graduated in 2019 with a BA (HONS) in Fine Art at University Center Colchester and went on to gain her Master of Fine Art at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge with distinction in 2021. Her academic studies had a powerful and energising influence on how she experienced and thought about the world, which resulted in deciding that she not only wanted to make art, but also wanted to be involved in art education and conservation in some way.


Her personal creative practice continues with film and photography in a Fine Art context, exploring the mind, memory, and human connections. She experiments with appropriated objects, video, and assemblage for installations and with a love of ethical, rogue taxidermy, she is a supporter of death positivity. With a love of the renaissance and the baroque, she is inspired by Vanitas imagery and the concept of the memento mori.


Her current research explores combining 3D resin prints, gaming, and AI with more traditional art practices. Building on the idea of how these modern practices will enhance traditional methods in the future and how they can be combined with historical eras. Her research is focused on practice-based methodologies as she questions what it means to be 'human'. She contends that current AI technology will continue to grow and that it should be embraced, understood, and utilised, not feared; that it is another learning tool that can be used effectively and responsibly to teach and inspire.


She lives in East Anglia where she champions local artists and has found herself inspired over the years by Cedric Morris, Thomas Gainsborough, Maggi Hambling, Eloise Harriet Stannard and Bernard Reynolds. Guided by the ideals of Jim and Helen Ede of Kettles Yard, she is a supporter of current and emerging artists and has her own art collection from the region.


She is environmentally aware and is motivated by zero waste outcomes as much as possible. She is an LGBTQIA advocate and has a particular interest in promoting the concept of positive mental health education and support systems. Deborah is also a supporter of accessibility and inclusivity and believes that it is important that art communities, buildings and education are role models for progress.


A member of the British Art Network, she has recently completed research in Project Management, Fund-raising and Curating which was supported by Arts Council England whilst working with The Minories in Colchester. She is currently a Fine Art lecturer at Colchester School of Art and is an Associate Artist at Cuckoo Farm Studios.




Artist Award

'I AM'

Art Exchange


Top Photographer

London Alternative Market

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