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Deborah Suzanne
Current Work 

I am Working on new sculptural pieces. I began by creating a piece that had a familiar 'green bottle' type aesthetic that mirrored broken glass, a key environmental risk to birds. Along with plastics, netting, general waste and of course - resin. I then expanded into a black Plant based resin for a Raven Skull which comes from Greece. Ravens are a protected species in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Greece occasionally cull Ravens in a bid to save their indigenous Seabirds Species. Culling isn't an ideal solution but right now, it is their only option. This skull was gifted to me and not purchased.

In 3D printing there is an urgent need for photo curing materials with low public safety risks.Using plant based resin made from soy-bean, I've been working with @thesleepywizardstudios to create sculptures. Curing in UV light, this resin is biodegradable and BPA free.

Music by NEFFEX

raven (3).jpg
raven (1).jpg
raven (2).jpg

Ethically Sourced Raven Skull               3D Render in Blender                 3D Print Plant Based Resin

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